About is an automatic reservation booking website that works with your tour website automatically to allow your customers to book and pay for reservations without waiting for you to respond or do anything. Customers do not like waiting for answers.

The easier it is to do business with you, the more business you get!

How It Works

Customers can view tour packages, select tour dates, pay a deposit, and finalize the reservation - all without you having to respond and react. automatically checks which of your tour vehicles are available and holds vehicles as customers make reservations.

reservation calendar

If a customer reserves a tour vehicle for a given date, that vehicle becomes unavailable to other customers while the customer is completing the reservation process. After a time, if the customer does not complete the reservation, the vehicle is then automatically released and made available to other customers. When reservation process is complete, you are automatically emailed the reservation details. The customer also receives a confirmation email automatically.

Accepted payment methods for reservation deposits include major credit cards and PayPal.

Managing Your Business allows you to view your upcoming reservations, manage your own tour package descriptions, pricing, and business information.

Getting Started with

Contact ReservationLocation to get started. After your business is reviewed and approved, your business will be set up in a ReservationLocation database.

After your business is set up in the database, your webmaster can implement the automatic reservation system with your site by simply adding a "Make Reservation" link to your site. The link code will be provided to your webmaster by ReservationLocation. That link directs the customer to your personalized ReservationLocation page that guides the customer through the simple, clear date and package selection process.

You need an email address in order to receive your reservation notices.

Cost of Using the ReservationLocation Reservation Booking Engine

Set Up Feenone
Monthly Feenone
Reservation Fee4% of booked value

Affiliate Tourism Websites is a site that is independent of the sites using it to make reservations. Please let us know if you are having a problem with your reservation.

Terms subject to change without notice. For more information, please contact ReservationLocation.